Press release: The project “Plastic Free Schools Small Islands” has begun.

The project “Plastic free schools small islands – Let’s start from schools to build a more sustainable future” has been launched. The project is led by Marevivo with the support of the Sicily Environment Fund (SEF), thanks to funding received from Conservation Collective through their Depeche Mode & Hublot partnership during the Memento Mori Tour, to fund projects aiming at reducing plastic pollution.

The project is aimed at all schools on the small Sicilian islands. Children and teenagers on the islands will challenge each other to propose effective solutions to reduce plastic consumption. The project is part of a national campaign by Marevivo initiated in 2019 with the goal of creating a network of plastic-free institutions, which now has around a hundred participants in Italy.

The objective is to promote positive behaviors among young people to reduce the use of single-use plastic, thereby contributing to a decrease in waste production and raising awareness among the new generations. Schools play a crucial role in connecting with the younger generations and can contribute to the awareness-raising process. The initiative also aims to strengthen the younger generation’s connection to their territory, which is as beautiful as it is fragile. Small islands are particularly threatened by plastic pollution and the risk of losing their natural heritage.

Marevivo and Sicily Environment Fund commit to promoting awareness about plastic and the use of a crucial primary resource like water, which is precious for both the planet and the smaller Sicilian islands, many of which lack direct access to clean drinking water. The overconsumption of plastic bottles is one of the main consequences, leading to the risk of littering in nature and putting additional strain on the urban waste management system and the environment.

An informational campaign will highlight the effects of plastic pollution on the sea and the soil, with an invitation to introduce good practices at school aimed at reducing and/or reusing plastic. A challenge will actively involve participating schools, and three among them will be awarded the opportunity to receive a water purification filter to install within their school. The three winning classes will also receive reusable water bottles. The awarding of prizes will follow participation in the project and the competition, which aims to encourage students’ creativity in generating ideas and solutions that represent the benefits of a more responsible use of plastic, both at home and at school.